Saturday, June 11, 2011

LEGO Shark from Enfield.

The scale that you can build in when you have the product is amazing!


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Promotion while making a trailer.

They had a sports trailer.

They had a Mars trailer.

Now they have a Ninja-Go trailer.

Will the trailers never end?


Large R2, that is one big robot!

Once again you see the small prototype item as well as the large scale item! Also some happy professional builders (probably ready to go home and get some sleep).


Promotional events. Large scale models.

Each one of these models is built on site. Then torn right back down. My personal opinion is they should use these large scale items as showcase items in the mall/store. But floor space is valuable. And they go back on the pallet to the next event.


Capt. Crunch anyone?

During my last visits to the model shop I was shown this in person. Steve Gerling took pity on me, and gave me one last tour! He showed me the software they now use to design models. While I like it, I do miss the artistic nature of the original models. I will take a model ANYTIME made by an artist vs. a computer!


Block Heads.

I have been working on getting this good at doing the heads, but they have it down pat! My 1st trip to Enfield, I got the tour of my life. I saw what they have created! I even saw a hanging Enterprise in the model shop. I was hooked!


This was up on Ebay at one point.

Not sure what happened. But here is the story as told to me by the guy who bought it.

"I wanted something cool to put above my pool table". I saw it again in Enfield during one of my many trips. I was told "It was damaged in transit, and person refused delivery". Not sure which one is true. Either way, one heck of a cool model!